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a bridge to elne bookA BRIDGE TO ELNE

It was the best novel I've read in 10 years! Concisely written and historically accurate, “A Bridge to Elne” is a gripping depiction of humanity's ability to survive its darkest hours. Through a French Resistance fighter, Marcel Pointer, and a German officer who despises his regime, Johann Weller, the reader visits a nebulous underworld where the lines between hunter and prey vanish, as they share a common will to endure.

War brutalizes the soul perhaps as much as the body, leaving only the strong to pick up the pieces and march on. This book is as much about the strength of the human soul as it is about good eclipsing evil. I hopefully look forward to seeing it one day on the big screen.

Victoria Aldrich, staff writer, Daytona Beach News Journal


Like Historical fiction? War novel? Blood & guts? Well, this FIRST NOVEL by L.E. Indianer is none of those things and yet all of them. It's an historical novel in that it's set in France during WWII, but it has none of the mind-numbing detail of a 600-page semi-documentary. It's a war novel in that it's set during WWII.  Blood and guts? Yes & No. It's not gruesome and explicit but it does contain elements of these because of the nature of subject matter.

Well, what IS IT about? It's an HISTORICAL novel, set during WWII that follows a family through the hardships of survival in an occupied country. The father is a member of the French Resistance and, after finding a "safe" place for his wife and family, continues to fight the Germans with the goal of freeing France.

The reader follows the Pontiers through the war. It's a wonderfully humane treatment of what things may have been like from all  points-of-view, both French & German.

Read it. You're in for a treat..

Leanne Polsue, Lucent Technologies


This novel is based on a true story and is full of wonder and suspense. The characters are brilliantly real and very well described throughout the story.

  The style of this book tends to make one feel as if they are right there with Marcel in that time period, fighting alongside him. This reviewer picked up the book to do a "quick skim" of it, and was unable to put it down; its story is so fascinating. As the author puts it so well, "sometimes in war, as in our life, you have to make tough decisions."

ELNE is one of the best books, based on a real story, that I have ever read.  I think that it would make an excellent movie.

Laura T., Book Reviewer  (go to this link to see complete review)


Floridian Indianer writes a poignant, compelling first novel based on the true story of a courageous family who endured the German occupation of France during WWII. Wonderfully written, it could be a future movie.

P. Morton, Coordinator MJCC Atlanta Book Festival


What a great story! It's amazing to think that it's based on truth and I found the biographies you provided at the end very moving. Once I got involved with all the characters I couldn't put the book down and finished it in a couple of days!

Christine Pendrill, London Symphony Orchestra


A powerful, gripping true-to-life story of love and war, deftly plotted with engaging characters and an unexpected ending! A great read, long into the night.

Marshall Frank, author


Your book is fabulous.  Fabulous.  I love historical fiction, have read many of the best -- from Uris to Michener to Wouk -- and found your narrative to be both emotionally compelling and historically fascinating.  I have never read anything about the French Resistance, and your book gave me some insight into what their lives might have been like.

Theodore Blum, Esquire


the h factor bookTHE H FACTOR
In his second suspense novel, "THE H FACTOR", L.E. Indianer lures the reader into a well of intrigue that compels the turning of pages long into the night. Deftly plotted and cleverly balanced between the elements of human emotion, scientific breakthroughs and the fear of international terror, the author brings you for a journey into frightening plausibilities that could alter the stability of the United States forever. "THE H FACTOR" will likely catch the attention of Hollywood. It has the makings of a first class motion picture.

Marshall Frank — Author

I had the excitement of finishing "THE H FACTOR" in one day. I could not put it down. With the news of the destruction of Osama bin Laden, Indianer’s book could not have been more current, especially with his use of Special Forces in several places. The story gets more exciting as one continues on from chapter to chapter. The theory of "THE H FACTOR" is such an exciting development…I just wish it was more fact than fiction. I’d give it a 5 Star rating if I were a book reviewer.

Jerry Krueger — Attorney


"THE H FACTOR" takes you by surprise and opens your eyes to the possibility of an alternative fuel to gasoline.  It was cleverly written about two college students' project at Georgia Tech that could possibly become the answer to our country’s problems and a better life for the future of mankind.  

The information was so real, and the story so compelling, that after you began to get into the meat of the story it was impossible to put the book down. This book held your interest totally and would be enjoyed by both young and old alike. It would make a great movie!  

Loretta Morris — Former School Teacher


As the plot was developing, I found myself sitting on "PINS & NEEDLES." I could not wait to see the next twist and turn, and it did not let me down. It was a very exciting read and a movie to be for sure.

Stuart Graver — Retired


"THE H FACTOR" is a thriller about two college students who develop an alternative, inexpensive source of energy that derives from water. Their invention inspires a violent response from terrorist groups at the behest of middle-eastern countries whose prosperity and sinister ambitions depend upon the world’s insatiable appetite for oil. This is a timely story that serves as a wake-up call for all who fail to recognize the peril that the United States and the rest of the world face with the depletion of natural resources and the prospect of global warming.

Robert Cromartie — Author


With widespread terrorism and political unrest, the world today is in a state of fear and panic! Governments are failing and confusion has become the norm, while economic collapse is no longer a theory. If "THE H FACTOR" does one thing, it gives us hope for the future and everyone needs a little hope right now. A great read!

Jonathan Stone — FIAD Films


"THE H FACTOR" deals with events happening today, especially in the Middle East, as well as what the future could be for alternative forms of energy. Its characters make this an entertaining and thought provoking novel; plus a very enjoyable read.

J. William MalafronteRetired Insurance Executive


Just finished another great book! I rank it high on the list of "Once you start reading you do not want to put it down" books. The story weaves together so many of the current issues we face as a western culture and demonstrates how we can find solutions through timely, gutsy decisions and action by those willing to step up and lead. Some sound lessons for our current political and business leaders.

Perhaps we will never see a comprehensive, national energy plan until we face the same sort of impact which brought "THE H FACTOR" to the center stage. I hope we do not have to wait for that to occur. As often happens, Indianer shows how the least expected rise to the challenge can make things happen.

Having traveled in Israel and worked with the military as a contractor, his short descriptions of one of our closest allies and their dedication to freedom and democracy brought back fond memories.

Bill TurnerFormer President, Link Simulation


Many novels use yesterday's or today's headlines to tell their story. L. E. Indianer weaves his tale of intrigue out of what could be America's, and the world's headlines in the near future. The elements of natural disaster, oil dependency, the fragile environment, the threat of international terrorism and America's relationship with Israel all come crashing together. 

The future of the United States rests on the ingenious invention of two young college students. As the story comes together, the momentum builds and the pages turn quickly.

Paul ClareFormer President, Hudson Technologies


"THE H FACTOR" was a highly satisfying novel that effectively brought attention to issues in today's world that are seemingly ignored by corporations and our government. The need for alternative fuel is an obvious one and the method Indianer explains in his novel is one that appears to contain a lot of merit.

This seemingly simple form of alternative fuel doesn't go without question in the novel though, as the author clearly and accurately describes...there would be repercussions related to foreign affairs that would undoubtedly arise from his suggested form of alternative fuel...Water. As a college student, I enjoyed this book not only for its entertainment value, but also because of the educated and thorough explanation of alternative fuels and its world-spread effects. 

Kayla FergusonGRAPHIC, The newspaper of Pepperdine University


L. E. Indianer strikes a rich chord for our times in "THE H FACTOR." His tale of invention, global terrorism and dangerous climate change is well-woven around groundbreaking, cheap technology that uses hydrogen to save gas and cut funding to Middle East extremists. His amazing book foreshadows real technology that may soon be saving American drivers millions on gasoline while drying up the stream of cash to those who would do us harm.

Joe SheaFounder, HHO Games & Exposition / Editor, The American Reporter


Just finished "THE H FACTOR" and was riveted by the exciting story based on very current events. Now what? I’ll just have to fill my time with Clancy and Flynn waiting for Indianer's next effort.

Howard Carre Fast Food Executive


Entertaining and enlightening at the same time! A look into today's terrorist issues, and a thought-provoking idea about the fuel of the future, the H Factor invention causes ramifications in every aspect of society. What was nice to see, is that two college students at Georgia Tech started this whole process rolling. Even though this is a novel, it mirrors most of our hopes and fears today.

John Williams

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