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  1. From your Kindle, go to
  2. On a box at the top that says {Search for Books, Authors or Series) type in TITLE of the Book (Boy From Foggy Bottom) and click inside the magnifying glass icon.
  3. After the TITLE appears, then Click on the COVER.
  4. On the next page:
    • Click on the E-book FORMAT: .mobi (kindle)
    • Click: BUY
    • Set up your free SMASHWORDS account
    • Click: Add to Cart
  5. Review your order
  6. Choose a payment method
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal

Proceed to Checkout and follow the instructions.

Hopefully within a few weeks, I’ll announce the RELEASE of BFFB in the Hardback and Paperback forms. Stay tuned and thank you for your support.

L. E. Indianer, Author

Steps to transfer book from Smashwords to Kindle


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